Pastor's Message:
Let Stewardship Become a Source of Joy and Blessing

Stewardship is a concept that is as old as the Bible, yet as modern as the Internet. Stewardship simply means the responsible and generous sharing of all our blessings. Those blessings include time, talent, and treasure. They each come from God.

Stewardship is a ‘catholic’ term, meaning that it embraces all of life. We are not owners of our time, talent and treasure; we are stewards, called by God to manage these for a while on earth. Ponder for a moment that everything you now own, everything, will one day be owned by someone else! We are only stewards.

Catholics who understand stewardship see God, the church, and their parish as central and important in their life. Giving money to the church is no longer seen as simply meeting the needs of the parish. Giving of our time, talent and treasure has to be freely given from a grateful heart, or it is dishonest. I preach equal sacrifice, not equal giving. Count your blessings first, then give accordingly.

For many people the practice of stewardship has become a source of joy and blessing, rather than a worry. It has become a new and exciting way of exercising one’s faith, and trusting more deeply in God. It means knowing that God will bless you richly in return when you are generous to church and charity.


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