A Teen’s View of God’s Mercy

New School Year, Who Dis?

By Juan Aznaran, condensed from Life Teen website.

…On my first day of eleventh grade, a teacher kept me after class. He did not waste any time and told me that he didn’t care for any “punks” in his classroom, so I could either get in line or get out. I remember feeling so annoyed and yet, it stirred up a sense of fear in me that would not go away for the rest of the year.

I went to confession a couple of months ago and before going in to talk to the priest, I felt very uneasy and scared – a feeling very similar to that of starting a new school year. As I was walking around the church doing my examination of conscience, I remember thinking, “What if He were to say, ‘I won’t take any more nonsense, either you get in line or get out’?” I pondered this thought for a while, so much so that I ended up psyching myself out and didn’t even go to confession that day. I just couldn’t shake the thought that God wouldn’t actually forgive me.

The next day, when I finally got the courage to go to confession, I decided to go face to face with the priest – cray, I know – and after I finished telling him what happened the day before, he looked at me and paused. Then… he proceeded to laugh. Now, I have never been in this situation before so I just sat there, not knowing what to do. Once the priest got a hold of himself, he said, “Could you imagine? If God didn’t forgive even some people, I’d be out of a job!” Then we both started laughing at how silly that idea was.

Thinking back about this moment, I realized how incredibly faith-filled this priest was that he had not a single doubt about God’s mercy. And it may sound silly, I know, but in that moment, I wished I had the confidence he had to not even entertain the crazy idea that God would not forgive us. The priest knew that He would, and nothing or no one could ever convince him otherwise. He knew God would forgive my sins before I even walked into the confessional. Now this isn’t a free pass to do whatever I want, but rather, it’s an invitation to experience a deeper level of trust in His mercy…

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