Commemorative book published

Now you can treasure a part of St. Francis Borgia’s history forever! We are releasing a first-edition copy of St. Francis Borgia’s 175th anniversary book. Roughly 90 pages, this full-color, soft-cover coffee table-style book celebrates our parish, both from historical and contemporary perspectives.

Ambitious readers will be able to read the full text cover to cover. Others may choose to jump leisurely from section to section and enjoy the many photos or glance at the short, accessible bits of information scattered throughout.

The anniversary commemorative book, St. Francis Borgia: 1844-2019, is organized into eight sections that draw on all the resources available to tell our story over 175 years, through 2019:

  • Our Faith Community – a current-day look at our parish, spiritual life, ministries and activities
  • History – covers 175 years, including the short history of Divine Word parish and the merger of the two parishes
  • Where We Pray – a close look at all our worship spaces, including both churches, from a historical and photographic viewpoint
  • Clergy – includes profiles of our pastors over the last 50-or-so years, other clergy who have served the parish more recently, and all our known priest-sons (parishioners who have become priests)
  • Christian Formation – an overview of our various religious education programs
  • School – From its origins in downtown Cedarburg to current day at our North Campus
  • Cemetery – from its beginning to modern day, in words and photos
  • Celebrating Our Anniversary — a pictorial overview of the 2019 celebrations

Book purchases

Books are available for purchase:

The cost is $10 per book (reduced from original price of $15)

  • To purchase with cash, please bring the exact amount.
  • If paying by check, please make your check payable to St. Francis Borgia, and write “175th book” on the memo line.

Additional Information

For questions about the 175th anniversary book, contact the parish office.