Making a Donation

Contributions for the Education & Activity Center can be made at any time.

  • For online donations using a credit or debit card, go to the Online Donation page, and select “Education & Activity Center.”
  • Contributions by check should be made payable to SFB E&AC Fund.
  • Envelopes for contributions are available in the Gathering Area of the North Church, and at the parish office.
  • Please let us know if a donation is being made in honor of a particular person.

Some employers match particular types of charitable donations. Contact your human resources department at work to get details.

Donor Recognition

Wall of Recognition

A large display in the main entrance of the Education & Activity Center first thanks all donors:

…Your generosity, prayers of support, and tireless efforts
have helped establish this new chapter in the history
of Catholic education in Cedarburg. It is truly a place
where we will Live Christ, Share Christ, and
Celebrate Christ for many years to come.


The display gives special honor to our key donors—those who gave gifts of treasure that accelerated the process of achieving our financial goal. On that wall, three places of honor remain unrecognized. Perhaps your gifts of treasure during the course of the three building fund campaigns are approaching the $50,000 mark for which the wall of recognition was designed. Would you consider a gift that brings your combined gifts to that level?

Honor Book

An “Honor Book” includes the engraved names of all who contributed towards the Education & Activity Center through the Faith in Our Future campaign, either of the two St. Francis Borgia capital campaigns, or separate contributions. This book will continue to be updated with names of those who contribute towards the cost of our Education & Activity Center.


Memorials and Honoring Someone Special

Is there a family member, loved one, or member of the clergy or religious order who made an impact in your life who you would choose to honor? The memorial—listed in the Book of Honor that recognizes all who gave of their treasure—is a living testament to the stewardship of our parish community, and a reminder to all that what we sacrifice now will have an impact for generations to come. Please consider a gift in honor of someone you love or someone special in your life.