This page describes the long-range planning goals of the parish defined in 2004, subsequent recommendations, and the fundraising process, planning and parishioner support that resulted in the construction of the new Education & Activity Center (E&AC) on the north campus of the parish.

Long-Range Planning Committee Formed

In May 2004, a long range planning committee (LRPC) was formed at St. Francis Borgia, with the following mission:

  1. Seek, gather, and deliver objective information pertaining to the long-term growth requirements of St. Francis Borgia parish.
  2. Develop a master plan that incorporates all the parish ministries and the associated space requirements as our parish grows over the next five years, and beyond.

Parish Expansion Recommended

In late 2005, the committee met with the parish council to present its long-range plans to meet the future growth of our parish. In January 2006 a report from the committee was mailed to all parishioners.

The report outlined the findings of the LRPC and included preliminary possible site plans for a multi-phased building project. Parishioners had the opportunity to attend information meetings and to return a survey to provide their feedback on the recommendations. Seventy-five percent of the survey respondents expressed support for a building fund appeal.

Based on the recommendations of the James Company, the comments at the listening sessions and a review of all parishioner survey responses, the parish council decided in March 2006 to move ahead to request archdiocesan approval for a building fund appeal to raise money for a multi-use Parish Education and Activity Center. The archdiocese gave its approval.

Raising Funds – First Appeal

Building Fund Appeal – “In the Spirit of the Future”

In May 2006 an Appeal Leadership Team was formed to conduct the campaign with the help of fellow parishioners under the general direction of the James Company. Appeal chairpersons were Jim & Linda Myers and Tom & Mary Sheffield. All parishioners were invited to special Appeal Gatherings at the Masses on the weekend of September 23-24, 2006, and were asked to return their commitment cards at Mass the weekend of October 14-15. This appeal was successful in receiving pledges of $4.5 million.

Plan to Help Sister Parish in Uganda

In September 2006, the St. Francis Borgia Parish Council approved a proposal that one percent of the contributions to our Phase I Building Fund Appeal over the next five years be earmarked for a school at our sister parish in Mukono, Uganda. Those contributing to the Appeal could specify whether their contributions should, or should not, be utilized for a new school in Mukono. The response from the parish to the recommendations was very supportive.

Video for the Building Fund Appeal

See the link below for the Building Fund Appeal video that was shown at the September 2006 Appeal Celebrations.

Video Instructions: Due to the large size of this file, the link is set up to download the video to your computer before viewing. If you right-click the link below with your mouse, choose “Save Target As…”, “Save Link As…” or “Save this program to disk”. NOTE: It may take a few minutes to download on a high speed connection. It should play with Windows Media Player.

Building Fund Appeal video (50MB)

Outline of Recommendations

As a result of the work of our Long Range Planning Committee, and significant input from parishioners, the following recommendations were made in November 2006 to shape our future:

  • Develop a phased master plan for construction of new parish facilities at a single campus on the 63 acres the parish owns. A single campus setting would provide a greater spiritual unity while also allowing for more efficient use of facilities for multiple purposes.
  • In a first phase building program, construct a multi-use Parish Education and Activity Center. Uses could include school, Christian Formation, administrative offices, meetings, youth ministry, fellowship and athletic activities for members of all ages.
  • In phase two, as parish growth continues, build a new church or expand the existing church and connect it to the new Parish Education and Activity Center. Continue to use the South Church as a chapel for weddings, funerals and special events. Plan for long term operational funding.
  • Sell the school (Hamilton Road) and Father Ed Center. Evaluate options for use of the playground/parking area across from the school.
  • Parish cemetery and parish shrine should be maintained and improved. (Road paving at the cemetery and a long range plan for both the cemetery and shrine were already being considered.) Plan for long term operational funding.

Considering Alternatives

In light of rising cost estimates, in 2008 the Building Project Leadership Team researched various options for moving ahead with the building project – considering both the south and north campuses.

In May 2009 parishioners learned there was a new, viable, within-reach plan to build our long-awaited Education & Activity Center for the cost of $8 million. This could be financed with the following:

  • Money already in the bank from our “In the Spirit of the Future” Campaign
  • Proceeds from the future sale of St. Francis Borgia School
  • Collection of outstanding building pledges
  • Upcoming Faith In Our Future Campaign

As Fr. Tom Eichenberger said in his May 24, 2009 bulletin column, “We have faith in our future. Our major goal is to have a unified parish on one campus, where school, church, and Christian Formation are all adequately housed and inter-dependently served. The archdiocesan Faith in Our Future Campaign, with a goal of $4.2 million, will help us achieve our monetary goal for the building project. This is our best chance yet to achieve our building dreams, but we need you on board. Only with your help can we succeed. I join chairpersons Andy Schlidt and Scott Hill in asking you to share our joy, excitement, and commitment to this endeavor.”

Raising Additional Funds

Faith In Our Future Campaign

The Faith In Our Future Campaign began in fall 2009 at St. Francis Borgia. A majority of the funds raised through this campaign directly benefited the parish, to apply toward the costs of a new Education and Activity Center, and to replenish reserves used to improve crowded pastoral and parish staff office space. In addition, a portion of the funds supported the educational needs of fellow parishes in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, benefiting Catholics throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. We surpassed the archdiocesan goal, and moved then to meet our parish goal.

Third Fundraising Campaign

A September 2013 letter from Fr. Tom Eichenberger and Fr. Yamid Blanco was sent to all parishioners announcing a parish-wide effort to see our vision for a new Education & Activity Center (E&AC) become reality. The plans called for building the E&AC on our north campus, to replace our aging school facility and accommodate Christian formation programs, as well as other parish functions. The Building Project Leadership Team included Jerry and Peg Edquist, Andy Lampereur, Jim Michaletz and Gerry Schwarz.

Parishioners attending all-parish meetings learned that 15 parish families had agreed to be early major donors, pledging $1.2 million to provide momentum to the project. The leadership committee for the project shared many details about the plans, the progress, a phased building approach, key milestones, and the financial support that would be needed. Depending on whether the building would be constructed in two phases or one, the funds needed before breaking ground were $800,000 (for phase 1) or $2.1 million (for the two phases combined). This appeal was successful in receiving pledges of $2.2 million.

Construction of the Education & Activity Center

In August, 2014, construction began on the new E&AC. For information about the building project, including frequently asked questions, and how to contribute, see the E&ACenter Building Project page. Construction was completed in summer 2015.

Additional Information

Questions can be directed to the Stewardship office at 262-377-1070, ext. 227 or send an email.