The St. Francis Borgia Pastoral Council serves in an advisory role to the pastor or administrator. It helps to fulfill the pastoral mission of the parish by:

  • Fostering growth within the parish family and the sharing of spiritual gifts and talents
  • Encouraging positive relationships among all members of the parish
  • Collaborating with other parishes and the wider community

The council is involved in planning to meet the needs of the parish, the archdiocese and the broader community, with a vision for the future and a strong basis in stewardship. After prayerful discernment, the council advises the pastor or administrator and develops policies to support those activities and programs that foster the spiritual, intellectual, moral and temporal well-being of the parish, and that make a contribution to archdiocesan goals and policies.

Members of the pastoral council are nominated by parishioners. Nine members are chosen through prayerful discernment. They serve three-year terms on a staggered basis. The pastor or administrator,  and the parish trustees serve as “ex officio” members. All parish organizations report to the council.

The council typically meets monthly. Parishioners are invited to observe the meetings. Arrangements to address the council may be made by contacting the pastoral council chairperson.

Pastoral Council Members

Members and Officers for 2021-2022

Council Member Council Position
Bob Shimp Council Chairperson
Chris Frommell Council Vice Chairperson
Sue Ellen Baye Council Secretary
Stephanie Dailey
Angela Foy
Christina Garni
Jennie Mulcahy
Ed Scherr
Tim Schilter
Fr. Patrick Burns, Pastor Ex Officio Member
Joe Carlson, Trustee Ex Officio Member
Joe Schirger, Trustee Ex Officio Member

Committee Liaisons for 2021-2022

  • Christian Formation and Evangelization – Ed Scherr
  • Communication – Sue Ellen Baye
  • Education/School – Stephanie Dailey
  • Finance Council – Angela Foy / Tim Schilter
  • Human Concerns – Jennie Mulcahy
  • Prayer and Worship – Christina Garni
  • Safety – Chris Frommell
  • Stewardship – Bob Shimp

Pastoral Council Minutes

View the minutes from the pdficon_small October 7, 2021 meeting.

Parish Commissions & Committees Manual

Commissions and committees are the task groups of councils.

The Parish Commissions & Committees Manual is published by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as a resource for pastoral council, finance council, commission and committee members. It provides guidelines, descriptions, and responsibilities and is organized as follows:

  • Introduction to Commission/Committee Ministry
  • Formation for Commissions/Committees
  • Pastoral Council Commission/Committee Descriptions
  • Finance Council Committee Descriptions

Pastoral Council members can utilize this information relative to their liaison roles, and it can be helpful to anyone active in parish commissions/committees. View or print the  Parish Commissions & Committees Manual.

Characteristics of Effective Pastoral Council Members

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee has identified the following characteristics of effective pastoral council members:

  • Prayerful. They are believers who attend Mass and other liturgies regularly; willingly share their faith with others; and seek to know God more deeply.
  • Faithful. They trust that the Holy Spirit is guiding the Church; keep themselves informed of the Church’s stand on current issues; promote unity; and support the mission of the universal church.
  • Pastoral. They actively listen to the needs of people; act with discretion and sensitivity in important parish matters; facilitate difficult conversations; work to reconcile differences; and offer comfort to members of the parish.
  • Representative. They represent the interests of all parish members, not only a few.
  • Discerning. They listen to other perspectives; and dialogue to reach consensus for the good of the parish.
  • Prophetic. They respect the unique mission of the Church in the world; are willing to challenge the status quo to complete that mission; and engage in long-range and insightful parish planning.
  • Empowering. They create and sustain an environment that values and maximizes the financial, personal, and material gifts of parishioners; work well with others; and understand the importance of stewardship.
  • Collaborative. They realize and accept the challenges facing their parish, cluster, and archdiocese; and seek to work with others to meet those challenges.
  • Consultative. They understand that their role is to assist the pastor or administrator as a wisdom group; they bring their gifts and insights to the meetings for that purpose.

Additional Information

Questions? Contact the parish office.