Accounting and Budgeting Committee

The parish Accounting and Budgeting Committee has the responsibility of assisting the Parish Finance Council in coordinating the accounting and budgeting for the parish to ensure that all transactions are properly reflected in our accounting software and to assist the staff in preparing attainable budget goals for the upcoming year. The Accounting and Budgeting Committee is currently comprised of Joe Schirger (chairman), Joe Carlson, Randy Vandenhouten, Michelle Kluck, and Andy Lampereur as the liaison from the Parish Finance Council.

We meet monthly to review the financial results for the parish with the Jennifer Justman, the parish accountant. We ensure that the funds contributed are being spent in accordance with our mission and to identify any trends and alert the Finance Council, and the parish if necessary, about significant deviations from this plan. We also ensure that our accounting is in accordance with the accounting standards established by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

We are a new committee and have just completed our first year. While we have established a good working knowledge of the parish accounting system, we would like to look more closely at the following items: developing a cash flow model that will allow us to project cash needs in a more timely manner, review our systems and look for opportunities to automate some of the manual entry of data, and review the parish retirement plan provisions.

As a committee, we appreciate your stewardship and we are committed to ensuring that money contributed is spent wisely and in accordance with the budgeted plan. Everyone who donates to the parish should understand that the use of these funds is being monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the parish mission is being met in the most efficient way possible. If you have significant accounting and budgeting experience and are interested in offering your time and talent to the parish as a member of this committee, please contact Fr. Patrick to express your interest.