Benefits of Advance Planning Your Funeral

There are multiple reasons to make advance choices about all aspects of dying, remembering in prayer and cemetery burial. Advance planning for death is not a sign of hopelessness. Rather, it is an expression of trust, faith and acceptance in the Resurrection of our Lord.

Preserve Your Faith Wishes – Believers in Jesus Christ form a community of disciples founded on a shared faith in the Resurrection. Your Catholic cemetery continues that sense of community even in death. Advance arrangements with your Catholic Cemeteries proclaims your faith wishes and assures that your burial takes place in a community where all await the Lord’s call to a new life.

Togetherness – Throughout life, you involve those you care for in important decisions, especially a spouse. It is loving and responsible to make your burial, memorial and Christian funeral arrangements together as well.

Emotional Control – Without the grief and anguish that accompanies death, your burial, memorial and Christian funeral decisions can be made thoughtfully, intelligently and free from pressure.

Financial Advantages – Not only can you enjoy today’s lower prices, your advance planning also allows you to select a payment method and plan that does not burden your family. Before construction and under-construction mausoleum crypt and niche discounts also may be available as new mausoleum projects are being developed.

Greater Availability – Although the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries has an ongoing, active building and land development program, grave, crypt and niche spaces that are available today may not be available tomorrow. Advance planning may permit you to obtain space exactly where you want, rather than taking what is left at a time following a death.

Peace of Mind – Knowing that you have helped make a difficult time easier by prearranging your cemetery, memorial and Christian funeral needs gives you true peace of mind.

Love – Accepting your mortality and prearranging your burial, memorial and Christian funeral options, you proclaim your acceptance of God’s love while expressing your love and compassion for your family and friends. You have made your own choices and defined your preferences.

From Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries; please visit the website for further information.

Watch future bulletins for information on advance planning your funeral at St. Francis Borgia.