Cemetery volunteers needed to help complete the Infants Memorial

Three summers ago there was a plea to the parish to help fund the Infants Memorial and crosses for the unknown infant burials in the St. Francis Borgia Cemetery. Now that we have located the unknown sites, it’s time to set the 170 crosses.

On Saturday, Sept. 11 at 9 a.m., we are seeking volunteers to help dig holes for the crosses. They are easy to dig, but we have a lot of them to do! Spaces will be all marked and guidance available, but please bring your own shovel. If you can’t make this date but would still like to help, contact the Parish Office to be connected with Brian Willbrandt about what you could do on another date prior to Sept. 11.

The following Saturday, Sept. 18 at 9 a.m., we are looking for volunteers to move wheelbarrows of concrete from the truck to the holes. Some will pour the concrete in to the holes, while others will smooth it out and set the crosses in it. Smoothing and setting the crosses can be done by most anyone, but the concrete hauling (about 80 lbs. per load) needs more muscle. Please bring a wheelbarrow if you have one.

We will try to get both jobs done in just a couple of hours each day. To accomplish this, we will need many helpers. This is also a good opportunity for service hours for youth!

Please contact the Parish Office for more information or to sign up for either or both days. This project is 173 years in the making. Your help with its completion is greatly appreciated. Thank you!