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Online Payments and Donations

For online payment of Christian Formation tuition, fees and donations, use this link – or select “Payments and Donations” from the sidebar.


Child and Youth Ministry schedule information for 2021-2022 will be posted here when available.

Additional Information

For questions about registration, sacramental preparation, financial assistance or any aspect of Christian Formation, please contact:

Grades 3K through 5:

  • Director of Child and Family Formation at 262-377-1070, ext. 328 or send an e-mail
  • Christian Formation Administrative Assistant, 262-377-1070, ext. 343 or send an email.

Grades 6-12:

  • Director of Youth Formation at 262-377-1070, ext. 349 or send an email
  • Director of Youth Outreach at 262-377-1070, ext. 351 or send an email.


  • Director of Apostolates at 262-377-1070, ext. 350 or send an email.