logo_Christian-FormationAdult Sacramental Catechesis

Our mission is to form adults preparing for sacraments such as baptism, Eucharist, and/or confirmation through catechesis, prayer, and the Christian life. Adults are needed to volunteer on our catechetical teams and as prayer partners and sponsors.

Class Assistance

Assistants for Religious Education Classrooms

Each religious education classroom generally has an additional adult to share in the discussion and to help the teacher as needed. Sometimes these are adult males who are recruited to sit in on one or more classes as role models for students.

Catechists for Christian Formation

We’re looking for energetic Catholics who are excited about their faith, interested in passing it on and willing to learn more. Time commitment is about 2 hours per week in the fall through spring. This is good experience for young adults and older teens who want to teach in the future. It is also a wonderful opportunity for parents and retired adults to share their faith life experience.

Mentors for Confirmation Program

The Confirmation program has a small group format of sessions that are facilitated by adult mentors along with peer mentors. The groups meet at the mentor’s home where the Christian environment welcomes the exploration of God’s presence in the lives of the candidates and in their world.

Committee Work

Christian Formation and Evangelization Committee

This committee supports the formation programs by sharing insights, reviewing materials and recruiting volunteers for ad hoc committees for short term events. The time commitment involves meetings and providing additional assistance as needed for program events such as phone calls, set-up, promotion and advertising.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) Volunteers

Vacation Bible School is a fun, activity-filled summer week for children ages 5-10, based on a theme with a variety of stations. Middle school through adult volunteers are needed to help with set-up and preparations, as well as to teach and assist during VBS. See the Vacation Bible School page for more information.

Additional Information

For more information on these volunteer opportunities, contact the Christian Formation office:

  • Director of Child Ministry (Grades 4K through 5) at 377-1070, ext 226 or send an e-mail.
  • Director of Youth Ministry (Grades 6-11) at 377-1070, ext. 228 or send an e-mail.
  • Director of Adult and Family Ministry at 377-1070, ext. 250, or send an e-mail.