The sacrament of confirmation is received by those students who are at least 16 years of age, and who have been involved in either a Catholic school religion program or religious education program for the previous two years. For Catholics, the sacrament of confirmation represents (1) the full initiation of the recipient into the Catholic Church, (2) the completion of the work of the Holy Spirit begun at baptism, and (3) a personal decision of the recipient to accept and live the Catholic faith. It does not make one an “adult”, nor does it signal the completion of one’s religious life, but rather only the completed beginning. Confirmation is initiation, not graduation.

We do not assume that all persons entering the program either fully know, understand, believe, or live all of the Christian teaching. In fact, many people have serious doubts or personal struggles, which they bring to the program. We accept and welcome any person, no matter where he or she is at in regard to their faith. Hopefully, throughout the experience of preparation, candidates will either come to a better understanding and willingly embrace the Catholic faith, or maturely decide that they are not yet ready or willing to be fully initiated into the Church. However, it is the candidate’s final choice whether or not to be confirmed. The parent/guardian can require that the candidate attend the entire program up until the actual sacrament of confirmation. Being confirmed is the candidate’s choice when he or she is ready.

Selecting a Sponsor

Sponsors are companions on the journey of faith and will have a real function of spiritual direction to perform for their candidates, and should be chosen accordingly.

Requirements for sponsors:

  1. Be at least 16 years old.
  2. Be a Catholic who has received the Eucharist, has been confirmed and leads a life in harmony with the faith.
  3. Be other than your mother or father.
  4. Be designated by you.

Characteristics to look for in a sponsor:

  • Preferably be from the parish or from the immediate area so as to be available as a real companion to you on the journey
  • Be able to relate in friendship with you
  • Be a good listener, one with whom you can confide about your personal and spiritual life
  • Be willing and able to share his/her own experience of faith
  • Be willing to pray for you
  • Be willing and able to make the time commitment to the confirmation process
  • Be willing to continue to walk your faith journey with you after confirmation and invite you into fuller participation in parish life and service
  • Be willing to see that the confirmed person acts as a true witness to Christ and faithfully fulfills the obligations connected with this sacrament

Your confirmation sponsor must be chosen prior to entering into the preparation process.

Additional Information

For additional information, contact the Director of Youth Formation at 377-1070, ext. 349 or send an e-mail.