Congratulations to Parishioner Rob Radmann

Real Life Catholic is proud to announce a new partnership with Rob Radmann Racing. 18-year-old Rob Radmann hails from Cedarburg, WI and is a 4.5 GPA high school student and professional race car driver. With plans to attend IUPUI Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis, he has been accepted into the Motorsports Engineering program and the Honors College at IUPUI. Passionate about his Catholic faith, Radmann hopes to be an example of a real life Catholic for his peers as he continues to pursue his career and education.

“With the support from Real Life Catholic, I also believe that we have an opportunity to reach many more young people based on my age. I hope that what I do is what others my age aspire to. The problem today is the role models that we see in other sports may not represent mine, or my friends’ true beliefs, so they adjust their beliefs to fit the role model. I want them to stay true to themselves, and maybe I can help them see that is possible. It‘s not easy to deal with all the other peer pressures from society, but when you try, and you can find a way to make a difference, you need to make that effort. It is why, along with RLC, Pegasus Marketing, and my family and friends who are there to help me, we can find our true path,” says Radmann.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with such a great young man, someone who is a great example of a real life Catholic at the young age of 18! We are thrilled to support Rob as he continues to pursue his racing career and undergraduate education,” says Chris Stefanick, president and founder of Real Life Catholic.

Rob and his parents, Jim and Cathy Radmann, are long-time SFB parishioners. Chris Stefanick is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker and television host who has devoted his life to inspiring people to live a bold, contagious faith.