Consider this … Uganda Twinning Relationship

Message from Fr. Patrick (8/26/18)

As we begin our prayerful consideration of what we will offer as gifts of treasure to support St. Francis Borgia Parish in 2019, I ask you to consider the ministries that are being high-lighted on the covers of the next several bulletins. This week, please consider our parish’s twinning relationship in Uganda. The Twinning Committee shares this reflection:

“Our 18 years of twinning has been enormously rewarding for us personally. But we have also had the privilege of seeing for ourselves the great and numerous benefits the people of St. Paul Parish in Mukono have realized from this relationship as well. How blessed we are to be part of a parish that from the very beginning embraced this initiative and has supported us with its prayers and generosity. Consider us grateful for your vital role in helping us discover and share Christ with neighbors 8,000 miles away.”

St. Francis Borgia is a large and vibrant community. It’s thanks to your support of our parish that we’re able to do these good works!

~ Fr. Patrick Burns

See the  Aug. 26 bulletin cover to view the photos for our Uganda twinning relationship.