Donate furniture to St. Rose Parish thrift shop

St. Rose of Lima Parish in Milwaukee, which is one of our twinning parishes, offers a “thrift shop” where neighbors can stop and pick up clothing or furniture items. If you are looking for a home for gently-used furniture, please contact the St. Francis Borgia parish office and we will help facilitate the transportation of that item. Many of their parishioners are immigrants and refugees in great need, so your help is very much appreciated and valued.

St. Michael-St. Rose is a vibrant Catholic faith community located in the heart of Milwaukee. They have a long tradition of welcoming displaced people, refugees, immigrant families and individuals from across the world. Please visit their website to learn more about our inner city “twins.” There is also a link to attend one of their Masses virtually on their website. This would be a great way to learn more about our new twinning parishes.