Sacrament of Confirmation

• WHO: Immediate preparation for Confirmation is typically in the junior year of high school (11th grade). Candidates meet in small groups with adult leaders as well as receive support from their parents and sponsors.
• WHAT: Confirmation preparation is a journey that we make in small discipleship groups with adult leaders to prepare for the sacrament. In addition to gaining knowledge through formation content, the small groups will plan social and service activities centered on developing relationship and taking the light of Christ into the community.
• CONTENT: We use YDisciple resources and learn from their series on the discipleship and the Holy Spirit.
• RETREAT: An overnight retreat allows candidates to take time away to focus on their faith and to move closer to Christ and His Church.
• WHEN: Small groups usually meet on Sunday. Parent and Sponsor gatherings occur in Fall (September/October). The Retreat is in late winter (usually February). The Confirmation Sacrament is in Spring (April/May).

For more information, contact the Director of Youth Formation at 377-1070, ext. 349 or send an email.