Family Fun … A game and a lesson to teach about what’s really valuable in this world.

“Guess the Price”


Gather items (or pictures of items) -some of which the children might know the price of and others which they will have to guess.

How to Play

  • Keep the items you’ve prepared hidden from view. (One easy way is to use an opaque trash bag to store the items.)
  • Divide into teams (if you have enough people). Give each team or player some writing paper and a pen.
  • Show everyone the first item. (To make it more like a game show, you may want to read out an elaborate description of the item.)
  • Give everyone 1 minute to discuss within their teams (orponder individually) how much they think that item costs. (They are not allowed to go online to check the price!)
  • Have all the teams write their answers on the paper pro-vided. When all the players are ready, have them reveal their answers at the same time.
  • Disclose the actual price of the item. The team (player) with the closest answer wins that round and is awarded 100points. In the event of a tie, award 100 points to each winning team.
  • Play the next round with the next item.Discuss

    Did you enjoy this game? Was it easy to estimate the price of the various items? What is the most valuable item that you own?


    Today, we will look at two parables Jesus told about something very, very valuable.

    Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl

    Read Matthew 13:44-46


    What did the man and merchant find? What did they do after finding these items? Why do you think they did that? What is Jesus teaching us through these parables? What did Jesus liken the kingdom of heaven to?


    In these parables, the man and the merchant were willing to sell everything that they had in exchange for the hidden treasure and the pearl. And Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is like the treasure and the pearl. The point of these parables is that the kingdom of heaven, having Jesus as our Lord and Savior, is immensely valuable; it is worth more than anything in this world!


    How valuable is the kingdom of Jesus to you? Is it worth more than your most valued possession? Would you be willing to sacrifice your time to serve Jesus? Would you be willing to sacrifice your personal comforts to serve Jesus?


    These parables teach us that the kingdom of heaven, having Jesus as our Lord and Savior, is worth more than anything in this world! And those who truly understand this are prepared to give up everything for Jesus.