Fr. Patrick’s March 13 message re: Coronavirus

The situation with COVID-19 Coronavirus is ever-evolving. This update is as of 1:45 PM on March 13, 2020.

After continued reflection and conversation with area parishes, I have decided to refrain from offering the chalice at Masses at St. Francis Borgia until further notice. As I mentioned last weekend, although the two forms of communion together are a greater symbol, reception of only one form of Holy Communion is all that is necessary to receive the fullness of Christ.

Although we believe that the substance of bread and wine is truly changed, the accidents, or observable characteristics, remain even after the consecration. Because of this, we offer approved low-gluten hosts to those who have significant issues with gluten. Please contact the parish office for information regarding these hosts or other questions you may have about Holy Communion.

We will also not be offering the Sign of Peace during Masses until further notice.

The Archbishop has issued a statement dispensing Catholics from the Sunday Obligation through March 29th. This statement can be viewed here Archbishop Listecki statement 3/12/2020 Nonetheless, he was clear in this statement that Masses will still be celebrated in all 10 counties of the Archdiocese as usual.

With all of this said, I would ask you to have a peaceful heart. I suggest moving forward with caution but confidence. The Church is often noted in history for being an anchor in times of uncertainty or challenge. I encourage you to continue your practice of the faith, and to do so with renewed vigor. If you are in good health, continue to draw from the rich font of the sacraments at Mass, Confession, and through Eucharistic Adoration so that you can be a greater instrument of peace for others.


Fr. Patrick Burns