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Fr. Tom’s Invitation to Special Program – Reply by Noon Sept. 14

Attention, everyone at SFB who loves the Mass, and who ministers at Mass as a cantor, greeter, usher, committee member, reader, staff member, and EM. Here is an invitation for you.

The archdiocese of Milwaukee is putting on a spectacular, not-done-before, really good program of education for all those involved in their parish Masses.

Evangelization & the Sunday Mass
Saturday, October 1, 2016
8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center

I invite all of you to join us with 1,000 other Catholics who love the Mass and want to make the celebration of it better in our parishes. The day will include:

√ Welcome by archbishop
√ Keynote by Fr. Phil Bogacki & Susan McNeil
√ Workshop on music, message, ministry
√ Workshop on doing hospitality
√ Workshop on leadership with mission in mind
√ Workshop on getting to know Jesus

Anyone can attend. Call the parish office this week by Wednesday Noon, Sept. 14, at 262-377-1070 to register. We will see if we have enough for a bus. Otherwise we will carpool from Cedarburg.

You should attend for your own spiritual enrichment. But also come to help your parish renew and enliven our celebration of Sunday Mass, the Lord’s Supper. Those who attend will continue with their own ministry back home, or will be invited to join our Prayer & Worship Committee.

I would love it if all the cantors and readers, and a whole bunch of the ushers, greeters and Eucharistic ministers, and the entire parish staff, signed up to attend this October 1 event. Don’t do it to make me happy; do it to make your parish better.