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Giving Tree for the Nuns

The Giving Tree is now in the gathering space (as of Nov. 26). There are name tags for the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Elm Grove and the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother in Oshkosh. Please look at the tag you select and make sure that the item(s) on the tag are things you’d like to buy/give.

All gifts need to be received no later than Sunday, Dec. 18. Gifts cannot be delivered to the sisters if they are late being turned in at SFB. Because gifts are distributed to two locations, it’s very important that you return your wrapped gift with the original tag attached securely to the outside of the package so that it will be delivered to the correct location. Please include your name and address with the gift, as the sisters especially like to thank their gift givers.

The nuns gather together before Christmas Day to open their gifts. They will remember you and your family in their Christmas Day prayers.