Glimpses: The history of St. Francis Borgia – Priest Sons

As St. Francis Borgia Parish approaches its 175th anniversary (1844-2019), we will share some short articles about our congregation’s growth through the 1800s into the present. Thanks to Marty Moore for his diligent research for these articles.

 Priest Sons

Few things bring more pride to a congregation than a parish member growing up to become a priest – often called a “priest son.” Over 175 years as a congregation, St. Francis Borgia has taken pride in producing three “priest sons.” (Editor’s note: Additionally, we know of two young men from St. Francis Borgia – Jeffrey Dorr and Justin Prom – who are currently in seminary programs.)

Probably best known to current parishioners is Senior Priest Fr. Michael Dineen, who was ordained in 1949. His family tree includes the earliest Irish members who formed our parish in the 1840s. His relatives are remembered with a stained glass window at the South Church.

The second “priest son” is Fr. Shane Johnson, who was educated at our parish school and served as an altar server in our stone church. He was ordained in 2009. These two “Men of Christ” reflect the spiritually-supportive environment of family and congregation which surrounded them from their youth.

Fr. John Hemlock is the third of our “priest sons” – and was unknown to us until recently. His family was among the first Irish members who formed the “New Church of New-land” – now St. Francis Borgia. Born in 1851, John Hemlock attended Mass with his family in the old frame church on Pioneer Road.

Fr. Hemlock served in the Chicago diocese from 1891 to 1910. After his death in 1919, his family returned his body to Cedarburg to be buried in the Hemlock Family section of our cemetery. His family is also memorialized with a window at the South Church.