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Gratitude and News from our Twinning Committee

The SFB Twinning Committee would like to extend a thank you for your financial and prayer support over this past year. Your gifts have provided our family of St Paul’s Parish in Mukono, Uganda with HOPE for a brighter future.

Words are not enough to express their gratitude. Please visit the blog, to view photos and read statements of our visit this year.

God bless you with a happy and safe holiday season and New Year!

Here are some thoughts about this summer’s pilgrimage to Mukono:
“After visiting Uganda for the first time in 2013, I could not wait to return this year. Upon arriving, after the long and tiresome 24 hours of travel, you would expect to be exhausted. However, all it takes to be re-energized is being picked up at the airport by 20 friends from St. Paul’s at midnight!! It would take a book to explain and show all that has changed in four short years. I will illustrate just a few items that have changed because of your generosity, prayers and love.

“Day 1 involves a visit to the scout camp where they all have “smart” uniforms because of you. They show us how they make candles to sell to raise funds for their scouting excursions. We then see how they make potato chips, which they call “crisps.” Again, these are packaged and sold for funding. They are the largest scout troop in Uganda and are very proud of it. They are also very appreciative of our support.

“The next few days we visit some of the schools and subparishes in the area. The new buildings, bathrooms and classrooms are all possible because of our support. Also, through our support they are able to have more teachers and learning supplies. We also saw the vocational school, which now includes young men, as well as young women. They have expanded their enrollment along with adding new buildings and new training programs. They teach sewing, hair dressing, and craft making. They have started cooking and catering classes, as well as automotive repair and brick making – all since our last visit. Amazing!!

“We toured many new piggery, chicken, rabbit and goat projects of the Women’s Guild. Again, your generosity is what allows these endeavors to prosper and grow. We had one man explain how raising and selling pigs enabled him to send four of his children through school.

“Last, but not least, was the high school – St. Francis Borgia! I hardly recognized the grounds from four years ago. Enrollment is up from 60 students in 2011 to 660 this year. Improvements are many: a new boys’ dormitory that sleeps 220, a new kitchen with large wood-fed ovens, a fence surrounding the school for safety, and a new activity building. They are about to finish new bathroom and shower stalls for the girls to promote cleanliness. They also have a new mushroom growing facility twice as big as the old one.

“It is truly rewarding to see what our twinning relationship has accomplished. Oh, I forgot to mention the new ginger field being grown to sell and raise money, the eucalyptus tree project expansion and the car wash. ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!

“In closing, please look for future articles and information about our trip and twinning relationship. Feel free to contact the Twinning Committee and we hope you will consider joining our team. Thank you and God bless!

~ Len Hanson, Ugandan Twinning Committee