House of Peace Thank You

“It is with deepest gratitude and awe that I am writing to thank the parishioners of St. Francis Borgia for their generosity this Advent season. Christ came to the earth as a child—not a child with great wealth and stature but as a child of a poor family with no place to stay, wrapped in old cloth and placed in a manger to sleep.”

Our parish remembered Christ’s humble entrance into this world and provided for those in need. St. Francis Borgia collected gifts for 33 families and 90 kids who sought help from The House of Peace. Although due to Covid we are unable to host our annual Christmas Brunch, your generosity will bring the message of Christ’s love to these families. Thank you to all those who bought gifts, prayed for these families and who helped sort and wrap! By allowing Christ’s light—the light of the Star of Bethlehem to shine through you this Christmas season, you are sharing His light with the world!

Blessings to all our parishioners this Christmas Season.

Thank you all!
Laura and KC
Laura Lindemann—Director of Youth Formation
KC Kranich—Director of Youth Outreach