SFB Respect Life Committee looking for more “laborers in the vineyard”

“This worries me,” Pope Francis said. “There aren’t many who fight on behalf of life in a world where, every day, more weapons are made; where, every day, more laws against life are passed; where, every day, this throwaway culture expands, throwing away what isn’t useful, what is bothersome to too many people.”

The SFB Respect Life committee is very active in promoting, defending and celebrating the worth of every human person. We pray daily to end abortion. Our other activities include a bus trip to Washington, DC for the March for Life, a prayer service at our beautiful Rachel statue, setting up crosses in the church lawn to acknowledge the 3,000 lives lost to abortion daily, participation in the national 40 Days for Life fall and spring campaigns outside the local abortion clinic, a baby bottle collection which raised over $3,000 for the pregnancy help centers in Milwaukee and our annual Mother’s Day Rose Sale. We also host an information table during Respect Life Month.

We are always looking for more laborers in the vineyard. To get our updates and discern how you can help advance the culture of life, please contact the parish office to be connected with the committee.