Join the Twinning Committee

During our visits through the years to our sister parish, St. Paul’s in Mukono, Uganda, we have come to realize one thing – they want the same things for their families and parish as we do: a place to worship and share their faith, education for their children, a job or skill to help provide basic needs for their family.

Here are a few specific examples of how your support has provided our friends in Uganda with opportunities to make progress toward those goals: 1. St Anthony Vocational school purchased a car engine to help teach young men auto mechanics. 2. St. Jude Gaza School put plaster on the walls and     concrete on the dirt floors to help with dust in the classrooms. 3. A tract of land (100’ x 100’) was purchased to build a sub parish in Lubugumu. 4. Construction of Kivuvu subparish was completed. 5. Assisted with school fees for students in primary schools. 6. Married couples have started a support group to counsel engaged couples and teach pro-life. 7. Used SFB uniforms sent to SFB High School Uganda will help support the start of an athletic program at the high school.

Through this support, all of our brothers and sisters of St. Paul’s are able to see a better future for their children and families.

To read more, please visit our Twinning Committee blog. We also invite you to our meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the SFB Parish Center. We would love to have you! We thank everyone for your prayers and support.