Ki Kati. Oli Otya? (Hello, how are you?)

We invite everyone to join the fun and fellowship when our brothers and sisters from our twinning parish, St. Paul in Mukono, Uganda, visit us in late September. (The exact dates are yet to be determined since their travel visas have not yet been issued. Earlier plans had been for summer, but the visit has been delayed.)

There will be activities for families, singles, and couples of all ages. For those who participate, it means a friendship of a lifetime across many miles and proof that the Church is indeed universal. It’s also a great opportunity to interact with people from another culture without leaving home! All are welcome.

To follow the news and be aware of activities that are planned while our Ugandan friends are in town, contact the parish office and ask to be added to the Uganda Twinning mailing list.

Webale (thank you) and God bless,

The St. Francis Borgia Twinning Committee