Kid Corner: Back to basics for family and faith

Just a few ideas of things you can do while at home with your family. It is important to pick a consistent time to pray and even teach the faith each day.

Here are some easy ideas:

  • Pray a morning offering to start the day.
  • Pray nighttime prayers.
  • Pray a decade of the Rosary together. You could allow for intentions from each person and someone to lead.
  • Have a virtue of the week: like patience or kindness. Give a prize or reward when you see it lived out in the family. Call attention to it when you all struggle.
  • Do a prayer walk together in the quiet. Ask them where did they see God on the walk?
  • Think about who, especially grandparents, you could reach out to by video, phone or mail. Say a prayer for them as a family and respond as well as you can to their needs.