Love One Another –  The Catholic Campaign: In-Pew Weekend 

On Nov. 13-14, all parish families are invited to participate in the Love One Another Campaign In-Pew event. Our parish community is preparing for the next generation of Catholics at St. Francis Borgia and across our 10 counties of southeastern Wisconsin. Please join with all families at Mass in support of the Love One Another Campaign. Recognizing all we have and all we are is a manifestation of God’s love, we are called to return gifts in thanksgiving for God’s generosity and goodness to us.

Please consider making the best pledge that you can to support our parish and the shared ministries of the Church.

Total Pledge Annual payment Monthly Payment
$12,000 $2,400 $200
$9,000 $1,800 $150
$6,000 $1,200 $100
$4,800 $960 $80
$3,000 $600 $50


North Church Improvements

Elimination of the Education & Activity Center Mortgage

South Church Renovations

++Additional Projects++


Updated on 11/5/21

Total Pledged: $2,670,103

Number Pledges: 220

Weekly Increase: $83,109

Total Participation: 12%