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Love your Neighbor – Week 5

Along with our neighbor parish, St. Michael, we also recognize St. Rose of Lima this Lenten season. St. Rose of Lima invites us to join them in their “Walking Stations of the Cross”. This is a procession through their neighborhood streets lead by their apostolate named, Missionaries of the Real Presence. This group began with the goal of helping young men discern the religious life through daily Mass and contemplative prayer. It also seeks to evangelize residents in their neighborhood, encouraging a deeper sacramental life within the Catholic Church.

The parish website describes their mission as recognizing “the Christ already present” in neighborhoods. Missionaries of the Real Presence work with many organizations to help alleviate the many needs of their impoverished residents, while addressing their spiritual needs. It is noted that 57% of its residents are currently living below the poverty line. To aid in this effort, St. Rose of Lima continues to keep its church doors open to help neighbors grow and be a witness to a Christian life. This practice follows the call from Pope Francis to welcome people back to church whenever they feel ready to return.

Missionaries of the Real Presence offers Corporal Works of Mercy, but also the spiritual equivalent of feeding the hungry. The website goes on to say, “We need food, but we also need to be fed with the word of God. We need to drink water, but also to drink from the fountain of eternal life. We need clothing, but also need to be clothed in God’s love.” A large goal is to help stabilize inner-city Catholic parishes by combating despair and frustration that accompanies chronic poverty.

Those interested in participating in the Walking Stations are invited to arrive at 2:45 p.m.at St. Rose of Lima Parish in Milwaukee for a 3 p.m. procession through its neighborhood streets until 5 p.m. All are welcome to stay after for an Evening Prayer at 5:30 p.m., followed by dinner.