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Many enjoyed Mardi Gras Pancake Feast

There is a long tradition of having pancake feasts on the day before Ash Wednesday. This goes back to an old tradition of giving up fats, sweets, eggs and dairy during Lent. In order to keep these items from going bad during Lent, people would make pancakes on Fat Tuesday to use up these items.

About 80 parishioners came out to a Mardi Gras pancake feast hosted by our Music Ministry. In addition to delicious food, they were treated to an engaging talk by Fr. Stephen Buting about chant, antiphons, and liturgical music.

Bring Your Dad to Choir Day honored St. Joseph

March is the month in which we honor St. Joseph. As a special way of honoring this saint, our children’s choir celebrated Bring Your Dad to Choir Day on Sunday, March 6. The dads of the choristers joined them in the choir loft and sang with them for the 10 a.m. Mass. Afterwards, they received white lilies and St. Joseph prayer booklets.