Nearly 200 unmarked graves – 46 little ones in our own Potter’s Field

Recent research using ground-penetrating radar at St. Francis Borgia Cemetery on Pioneer Road has uncovered 197 unmarked graves, including one area of the cemetery that contains 46 graves of stillborn and very young infants born to poor parents unable to afford a proper burial. Parish records show neither who they are nor when they were buried.

Let us honor these unknown & forgotten souls.

Your contributions can help us create a suitable resting place for these precious little ones and parish members. A donation of just $35 will purchase a cross to mark an unmarked grave and contribute to a granite monument to be erected as a memorial to the infants.

After all Masses October 27 & 28, donations will be accepted for this effort. All contributions, large or small, are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible. Checks should be payable to “SFB Cemetery Fund,” with “Cemetery Memorials” noted on the memo line. Donations can also be sent to the parish office or placed in the collection basket. Donations collected in excess of this immediate need will be used for funding future needs of the cemetery.

For an artist’s rendering of the completed infants’ memorial, see the  flyer.