North Church HVAC update

I would like to thank everyone for your patience with the HVAC project. In this unusual year, getting equipment has also been unusual. We have finally received the air handlers and are in the final stages of completing the project.

I am expecting everything to be complete by the end of the month, but there still will be some disruptions. Once we have the smaller air handler completed, we will begin working on the large air handler that heats and cools the church.

During this time there will be some inconsistencies in warmth in the church, as the small air handler does not feed the church directly. The weekend of Nov. 21-22 will be impacted and we may also incur some disruption the weekend of Nov. 28-29.

The good news is that Advent and Christmas should go smoothly as the project will be complete.

~ Leif Nygaard, Director of Administrative Services