Overdose Awareness Day

Saturday, Aug. 31 is International Overdose Awareness Day. This day aims to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of addiction. Every day, in the United States alone, nearly 150 people will die from drug overdoses.

Rates of drug overdose deaths continued to increase. In 2017, the age-adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths (21.7 per 100,000) was 3.6 times the rate in 1999 (6.1). Rates increased for both males (from 8.2 in 1999 to 29.1 in 2017) and females (from 3.9 in 1999 to 14.4 in 2017). Rates also increased for all age groups studied. In 2017, among persons aged 15 and over, rates were highest for adults aged 25–34 and 35–44 at 38.4 and 39.0 per 100,000, respectively. (Data from the National Center for Health Statistics)

St. Francis Borgia’s Substance Addiction Ministry (SAM) will be available in the gathering space after all Masses the weekend of Aug. 24-25 to answer any questions you may have regarding this ministry. There will be votive candles and prayer cards available to assist with your prayers for Overdose Awareness Day.

Thank you for your support.