Parish and school capital improvements

Over the past year, several projects were undertaken to improve the physical facilities of our parish and school. St. Francis Borgia Parish’s Buildings & Grounds Committee (consisting of Chairman Gerry Schwarz, Jason Stenz, Chris Frommell, Dan Davis, Joe Bassindale, and Leif Nygaard) has been busy managing these projects, including:

  • South Church new roof
  • Replacement sump pump system for North Church
  • E&AC lower school playground, landscaping, sidewalks and pavilion
  • LED lighting for E&AC, North Church and parking lots
  • E&AC security enhancements
  • South Church sign relocation, new sidewalks, accessibility ramp and railing
  • North Church sound system enhancements
  • South Church tree removal & landscaping

Upcoming projects: The committee is currently wrapping up bid solicitation for the installation of a new air conditioning system for the North Church. Our current system is approximately 50 years old and maintenance and replacement parts are no longer available. The parish is very appreciative of several parishioners’ cash donations which will cover most of the approximately $150,000 cost of this major replacement. (If you are interested in contributing toward the cost of the replacement, please contact Director of Administrative Services Leif Nygaard in the parish office). The new system is expected to be ready for use in late spring.

A BIG thank you to these volunteers on the Buildings & Grounds Committee for sharing their time and talents, and to the generous parishioners who helped fund these projects.

~ Andy Lampereur, Finance Council chairperson