Parish Facilities Usage: Schedule Your Meetings and Events

If you wish to reserve space for a parish committee or ministry meeting or a parish event, you will need to use our online Event Request Form to reserve your date(s) and space(s). Please be aware, though, that there are still some pandemic protocols in place and you will need to adhere to those. You will be notified of the restrictions for your meeting/event when we confirm your date/time. Please go to to access the online Event Request Form.

Requests are being accepted from now through June 30, 2022. We ask that you submit your request at the earliest opportunity.

Please note that only parish affiliated ministries and events may use the parish facilities without fees. If you are uncertain about whether your group meets the criteria, please contact Leif Nygaard, Director of Administrative Services, at 262-377-1070 Ext.339 or send an email.