Permanent Diaconate Information

Are you considering serving the Church as an Ordained Deacon? The Church calls men to be deacons “in-service” to the People of God. If you are a man (married or single), who feels this call and wants to know more, please visit the Diaconate Formation page.

Fr. Patrick or Deacon Mark Leonardelli would also be happy to speak with you about what is required to become a deacon and what it involves.

“Deacons may assist the bishop and the priests in a variety of liturgical functions: Deacons may baptize, witness the exchange of vows and bless marriages, distribute Holy Communion, impart benediction with the Blessed Sacrament, bring Viaticum to the dying, read Sacred Scripture to the faithful and especially proclaim the Gospel, preach, officiate at funerals and burials, and administer the sacramentals. They should also dedicate themselves to other charitable works, particularly within the parish community.” (Quote from