Pray for Those Coming into the Catholic Church

As we journey through Lent, there are a number of people in our parish and throughout the world coming into the Catholic Church. In our parish, they will be sent to the Cathedral to meet the Bishop and state their intent of faith. They are on the path to pray and deepen their faith in anticipation of receiving the Sacraments at the Easter Vigil in just five weeks. We have the great privilege of praying with and for them as we go through Lent together.

There are two individuals who are not yet baptized, called Catechumens, who will be received into the Church and baptized, then confirmed, then receive their 1st Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil. Please pray for Willow and Luke who will have their names recorded in the Book of the Elect and then be sent by our community of faith to the Bishop at the Cathedral of St. John to meet the Bishop and state their intention to continue to Easter.

There are three people from our community who have been baptized, called Candidates, but are not yet in full communion with the Church. They are Lowell, Vicky and Jessica. Please pray for them as they continue their conversion and deepening of faith. They will also be sent to meet the Bishop this Sunday to state their intention of continuing in the faith towards the Easter Vigil.

This time in Lent is primarily a time of purification and enlightenment for those who are on the way to the Easter Vigil. Please keep them in prayer and thank God that they have answered the call to become Catholic.