Reach Out, Reach In Mission

From Chris Crom, Director of Child Ministry

I just finished a week at Reach Out, Reach In or RORI as it is more popularly known. What is RORI, you may ask? RORI is a local Mission trip sponsored by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Youth come from different parishes across the Archdiocese. This year the youth represented 18 different parishes including one youth from SFB. Of course, there need to be adult chaperones and the adults also come from parishes across the Archdiocese. I was asked to assist at RORI as an adult leader.

This year, the youth and adults stayed at Dominican High School. Dominican’s campus minister, Nate Friday, was instrumental in securing Dominican as our home site and in co-directing the week. A typical day at RORI looks like this: Get up; fix your lunch; breakfast; go to the worksite (which is chosen by the youth and adults); work there until 3:30; faith-sharing groups; dinner; evening programming; lights out 11 p.m.

I was very fortunate this year because my worksite was the House of Peace. Many of you are familiar with the HOP because of Father Al Veik, who helps out at SFB and because of the HOP Christmas Brunch. My crew and I helped with hygiene bags, packed groceries and organized and ran one of their clothing closets. I was very impressed with the people at the House of Peace. What generous, loving and happy people!

Please know that your support of the HOP and all of your donations serve the poorest of the poor among us.