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Season’s Greetings from Youth Ministry

Hello and season’s greetings to you as we celebrate the birth of our Lord!

Youth Ministry has had an amazing transition and transformation over the last 12 months. In early 2017, we welcomed two new staff members to the Youth Ministry department: KC Kranich, as Associate Director of Youth Ministry, and Becky Kuss, as Administrative Assistant for Youth Ministry. Both have been wonderful additions and have helped expand our ministry to our youth, as well as their families.

We currently have 232 youth in Grades 7-11 in our various programs, with 31 small group leaders and mentors, as well as numerous parents who help in a variety of ways. Youth Ministry’s mission is accomplished in a number of ways, but much of our time is focused around three main opportunities: High School Life Teen, Middle School Edge, and Confirmation Preparation.

Life Teen and Edge are new programs for our parish. Both have the main focus and mission to “Lead Teens Closer to Christ.” We invite parents and parishioners to join us in this mission, as small group leaders and to help plan our nights that include prayer, games, guest speakers, small group conversations, and much more. It has been an amazing start to the year and allows teens to have fun and experience faith in a new way.

We always welcome those who want to join us and observe one of our Life or Edge Nights. We will have “Come and See” sessions on Wednesday, Feb. 21 for High School Life Teen, or Wednesday, Feb. 28 for Middle School Edge. Please join us! If you are interested or would like to know more, contact Ben Rogalla, director of Youth Ministry.

Additionally, we offer CYM (Catholic Youth Ministry) Volleyball and Basketball leagues.

We are heading to Houston, TX for our parish Mission Trip from July 7-14, 2018. We still have a few spots remaining! Please contact KC Kranich, associate director of Youth Ministry for more information.

We had 14 teens and three adults join 25,000 others from around the country in Indianapolis, IN for the National
Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC). It was awe inspiring and an incredible faith boost for those in attendance.

We have a few amazing opportunities coming up in the next several months. This year we have started XLT, which stands for Exalt. It is a night of music, a message and adoration. We have two more left this school year: Feb. 18 and Apr. 22. Please consider joining us. All are welcome to come!

On Wednesday, Mar. 7, Mike McCoy, a former Packers and Notre Dame player, will be speaking to our youth. Parents are highly encouraged to attend with their teen.

Our youth leadership team hosts a weekly Roots group every Tuesday from 3:30-5 p.m. in the South Church basement. This is a peer-led bible study group focusing on the weekend’s Scripture. All high school teens are welcome.

Finally, we are always looking to invite teens into our ministry, but also we want to invite parents and other adults to help make our ministry successful! Without you, we cannot minister effectively. If you are interested in assisting us in ANY way, please reach out. As our ministry expands, we have many needs within our ministry.

Thank you for your love and support of our teens!