SFB Investment Committee

The parish investment committee has the responsibility of assisting the Parish Finance Council in coordinating the investment of parish assets to generate income to support specific activities. The Investment Committee is currently comprised of Terry Retzke (chairman), Marc Dion, Deacon Mark Leonardelli and Andy Lampereur. It utilizes a third party advisor to assist in its duties, most notably for proper asset allocation, rebalancing and performance monitoring against suitable benchmarks.

Included in the parish’s investments are the Parish Endowment Fund, the School Endowment Fund, School Tuition Assistance Fund, Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund and other restricted and non-restricted parish funds. Our endowment funds are governed by formal written documents that specify how the funds can be used. Similarly, the Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund is intended solely for maintaining and operating the parish cemetery. The cemetery and endowment funds are intended to run into perpetuity and provide a source of funds (from annual investment earnings) to the parish, school or cemetery. As such, the principal in these funds contractually cannot be spent or consumed, and can only be used to generate income to be used by the designated entity.

Our parish and the Investment Committee follow the in-vestment guidelines established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The investment guidelines delineate those areas of business activity that are to be avoided when investing parish assets, such as firms involved in abortion, contraception, embryonic stem cell research, racial and gender discrimination, pornography, arms production designed for indiscriminate killing, etc. Following these guidelines helps ensure that the parish’s investments do no harm, protect human life and promote human dignity.

With the exception of the parish’s people and facilities, its investments represent its largest asset. The Investment Committee is charged with the responsibility of managing them. If you have made past donations to any of these funds, or are considering making future ones, understand that they are being invested with due care and in compliance with Catholic teachings. If you are interested in offering your time and talents to the parish as a member of the Investment Committee, and have significant investment experience, please contact Father Patrick to express your interest.