Sign Up to Receive Electronic Communications

The pandemic has made us even more aware of how useful electronic communications can be. They allow for quick sharing of information and also allow enable the parish to save resources that are required for printed materials.

We completely understand that not everyone has access to electronic communications – and that not everyone is comfortable receiving information in this manner.

But, if you’re a “computer person” who would be in favor of receiving information from the parish via email versus US Mail, would you let us know? We’ll amend your record so that items that we are able to share electronically will be sent to you that way. Please send an email with your name (and spouse’s name, if applicable) and the email address(es) that you would like us to use. If more than one email, please note who each belongs to.

Please reply via email, rather than by phone, so that we have a record of your request. If you have questions, we welcome your email or call to the office (262-377-1070).

Thanks for your consideration!