St. Francis Borgia Annual Stewardship Appeal – 2017

Please use the information below to prayerfully reflect upon the ways in which you will share your gifts of time, talent and treasure with our parish in 2017.

pope-francisSacrificial Giving – Love without Limits

For most of us, there is no limit to the amount of love we give to our children, our parents, our spouses. As Catholics, we profess there is no limit to the love we give to our God. By proclaiming to love God above all, thereby living as intentional disciples following the example of His Son, we are called to extend Love without Limits, as Jesus did.

Read more from the SACRIFICIAL GIVING — Love without Limits brochure.

I Am Blessed – A Personal Reflection


“We have come to know and to believe in the love God has for us. God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him.”  (1 John 4:16)

Catholics are familiar with the two greatest commandments, to love God with all of our minds, our hearts and our souls, and then, to love our neighbors as ourselves.As we begin to think and pray about sharing our gifts with our parish community, it is important that we first contemplate what “loving God and our neighbor really means.

Read more from I AM BLESSED – a personal reflection.




Share Christ. Celebrate Christ. Live Christ


This is our mission statement at St. Francis Borgia Parish. The mission is not fulfilled if any of us strive to live this mission alone. If everyone works together and supports one another through the offering of their gifts from God, we as a parish will grow in our faith and be able to impart that faith to those around us as we Share Christ. Celebrate Christ. Live Christ.

Supporting Our Parish Ministries

There are so many questions to consider:

Why should I give? … How much should I give? … How does a discussion about income and expenses translate into tangible ministry? … What does all this mean to our parish as an organization? … What does this mean to me as an individual?

For thoughtful responses to these questions, and for a message from our parish priests, read the SUPPORTING OUR PARISH MINISTRIES pamphlet.

Making a Financial Commitment to St. Francis Borgia

Every year we ask our parishioners to make a pledge of financial support for the parish. This year, Fr. Tom and Fr. Patrick encourage all of us to:

“…take some time to thoughtfully and intentionally consider your gift – a gift which will enable us to serve countless individuals through our ministries. Pray for the grace that we all need to share in proportion to our ability – to truly love without limits.”

To make your pledge, complete the 2017 Annual Parish and Ministries Support Commitment form. The form was mailed to all parishioners in late September 2016, and is also available by clicking on the link above for a copy to view and print.

Thank you for your generosity to our parish and the ministries we provide for our members and our communities – local, statewide, national and worldwide.

More Information

If you have questions, please contact the parish office at 262-377-1070.