St. Francis Borgia Annual Stewardship Appeal – 2018

Please use the information below to prayerfully reflect upon the ways in which you will share your gifts of time, talent and treasure with our parish in 2018.

Sacrificial Giving – Faithful in All Things

In gratitude, we take up the challenge to be faithful with little, with much and with ALL. 

Needs are great – in our parish, our community and our world. God blesses us abundantly and invites us to use all we have – not just a small portion – in love for Him and His people. As we share more of the blessings entrusted to us with others, we find ourselves thinking differently about money and things and people and time….

Read more from the  SACRIFICIAL GIVING — Faithful in All Things brochure.

Share Christ. Celebrate Christ. Live Christ


This is our mission statement at St. Francis Borgia Parish. The mission is not fulfilled if any of us strive to live this mission alone. If everyone works together and supports one another through the offering of their gifts from God, we as a parish will grow in our faith and be able to impart that faith to those around us as we Share Christ. Celebrate Christ. Live Christ.


Making a Financial Commitment to St. Francis Borgia

In a Sept. 2017 letter to parishioners, Fr. Patrick offered these thoughts about sacrificial giving:

“God often does his greatest work with our sacrifices. The sacrifices that you make for your family, friends, or the parish are often the hidden fuel behind the good that is happening. The Holy Spirit uses that fuel to set hearts on fire. Every sacrifice that we make intentionally for God not only has material or visible effects, but also has powerful spiritual effects. Whatever we offer to God out of faith is transformed through Jesus’ offering on the cross.

“Please consider offering generously of your resources to our parish. I invite you to do so not out of a feeling of obligation, but out of faithfulness to God and love for His Church. I invite you to first ask God in prayer to help you discern the amount you can give. Then, when you fill out your pledge card, consider offering that to God as a spiritual gift for this parish. When you do that, I believe that God will work wonders for our parish through your offering.”

Read the entire letter  here.

To make your pledge, complete the  2018 Annual Parish and Ministries Support Commitment form. The form was mailed to all parishioners in late September 2017, and is also available by clicking on the link above for a copy to view and print.

Thank you for your generosity to our parish and the ministries we provide for our members and our communities – local, statewide, national and worldwide.

More Information

If you have questions, please contact the parish office at 262-377-1070.