Finance Council

The St. Francis Borgia Finance Council serves in an advisory role to the pastor or administrator. It is the consultative body in all parish financial matters.

All parishes in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are required to have a finance council governed by norms issued by the bishop.

The Finance Council includes the pastor or administrator, the parish trustees, one or two liaisons from the Pastoral Council, and other parish members appointed by the pastor or administrator.

Investment Committee

The parish Investment Committee assists the Finance Council in coordinating the investment of parish assets to generate income to support specific activities. The committee utilizes a third party advisor to assist in its duties, most notably for proper asset allocation, rebalancing and performance monitoring against suitable benchmarks.

Included in the parish’s investments are the Parish Endowment Fund, the School Endowment Fund, School Tuition Assistance Fund, Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund and other restricted and non-restricted parish funds.

Our parish and the Investment Committee follow the investment guidelines established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. These guidelines delineate those areas of business activity that are to be avoided when investing parish assets, to help ensure that the parish’s investments do no harm, protect human life and promote human dignity.

If you are interested in offering your time and talents to the parish as a member of the Investment Committee, and have significant investment experience, please contact our pastor or administrator.

Accounting and Budgeting Committee

The parish Accounting and Budgeting Committee reports to the Finance Council and is charged with reviewing the monthly financial statements for all aspects of our parish (school, cemetery, Education & Activity Center and church), as well as the annual budgets for each.

The committee meets for a few hours one evening per month and advises the Finance Council and parish office staff on performance versus budget and makes suggestions for continuous improvement.

If you are an accountant or finance professional who has been looking for a good way to get more involved in our parish, please contact our pastor or administrator or the parish office to learn more or to express your interest.