St. Francis Borgia: A Great Parish Doing Great Work

Making a Financial Commitment to St. Francis Borgia

Every year we ask our parishioners to make a pledge of financial support for the parish. In the Sept. 2018 mailing to parishioners, Fr. Patrick offered these thoughts:

“We truly have a great parish!  …

“I want to thank you all for your generous contributions to the parish. Your presence here is the first and most important contribution you can make to St. Francis Borgia Parish. Those of you who have been able to give your time to assist in the parish’s work have provided much needed person-to-person ministry. Those who have been able to give financially have helped to impact the many ministries at the parish.

“In considering all of the good at St. Francis Borgia Parish, please prayerfully consider your financial contribution for 2019. Your gift, regardless of size, will make a difference!

“May God bless you and St. Francis Borgia Parish!”

The letter was part of the tri-fold pamphlet called “A great parish: Sharing, Celebrating and Living Christ!” See the  pamphlet.

To make your pledge, complete the personalized form that was included in the September 2018 mailing. Or print and complete this 2019 Annual Parish Financial Support form.

Thank you for your generosity to our parish and the ministries we provide for our members and our communities – local, statewide, national and worldwide.

Consider this …

The front cover of six of our August and September 2018 bulletins highlighted various ministries of St. Francis Borgia Parish. Fr. Patrick sent out weekly email messages with these images, and included messages in the bulletin as well. He noted that:

“St. Francis Borgia is a truly great parish! … These are just some – by no means nearly all! – of the outstanding ways our parish strives to be the hands and heart of Jesus. It’s thanks to your support of our parish that we’re able to do these good works! … As you consider your own future involvement and support for the parish, please consider this…”

Images of all these bulletin covers/emailed images are shown below – with the most recent shown first.

Please consider these again …

“As we soon will be asked to offer our pledges of financial support for St. Francis Borgia Parish in 2019, I ask you to consider the ministries that have been highlighted on the covers of recent bulletins and are being reviewed today.” – Fr. Patrick (9/16/18)

(photos sent in message from Fr. Patrick, and featured on 9/16/18 bulletin cover)

Consider this . . . Inner City Ministry

Our Inner City Ministry volunteers offer many services to assist those living in Milwaukee. One of the most impressive offerings is that they pick up day-old bread and bakery items from local grocery stores every single day of the year! The donated food is taken to shelters and food pantries.At least once a week, another group of Inner City Ministry drivers takes the donations from our drop-off shed to the House of Peace, Repairers of the Breach and the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary. Parishioners also volunteer many hours at the House of Peace, Cathedral Center, St. Ben’s and other facilities and shelters that serve those less fortunate.

(photos sent in message from Fr. Patrick, and featured on 9/9/18 bulletin cover)

Consider this . . . Worship, Prayer and Adoration

In addition to our four Sunday Masses, we celebrate daily Mass each Monday through Friday. Mass time is 8 a.m. Monday through Thursday. During the school year, Mass is celebrated with our school children at 9 a.m. on Fridays. Eucharistic Adoration is offered on Monday, from the end of morning Mass until 7 p.m. when the rosary is prayed. Holy Hours are offered periodically throughout the year.

(photos sent in message from Fr. Patrick, and featured on 9/2/18 bulletin cover)

Consider this . . . Uganda Twinning Relationship

Our parish has a twinning relationship in Uganda. The Twinning Committee shares this reflection: “Our 18 years of twinning has been enormously rewarding for us personally. But we have also had the privilege of seeing for ourselves the great and numerous benefits the people of St. Paul Parish in Mukono have realized from this relationship as well. How blessed we are to be part of a parish that from the very beginning embraced this initiative and has supported us with its prayers and generosity. Consider us grateful for your vital role in helping us discover and share Christ with neighbors 8,000 miles away.”

(photos sent in message from Fr. Patrick, and featured on 8/26/18 bulletin cover)

Consider this . . . Celebrating the Sacraments

We’re sharing pictures of some of the seven Catholic sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders and Matrimony.) In 2017, St. Francis Borgia Parish supported our families and celebrated:

  • 48 baptisms
  • 79 First Communions
  • 71 Confirmations
  • 18 weddings
  • 48 funerals

(photos sent in message from Fr. Patrick, and featured on 8/19/18 bulletin cover)

Consider this . . . 2018 Mission Trip – Houston, TX

On the mission trip to Houston, 34 high school youth and seven chaperones spent a week assisting with ongoing repairs from the damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey last August. It was a meaningful experience for everyone.

(photos sent in message from Fr. Patrick, and featured on 8/12/18 bulletin cover)

“The mission trip was life changing!”
~ Billy Neuberger

More Information

If you have questions, please contact the parish office at 262-377-1070.