Thanks for Help with Parish Upgrade

During the COVID shutdown we took the opportunity to make a number of upgrades to the parish office. Two of these projects are now coming to fruition. We have redone the downstairs classrooms in the parish office and they have been renamed the St. John Paul II Room and the St. Teresa of Calcutta Room. This has increased the number of working conference rooms in the parish offices to three.

I would like to thank KC and Kurt Kranich for donating their time to paint and carpet the rooms; Dorothy Scherer and Jim Schreiber for redoing the ceiling tile and other odds and ends to complete this process; and Erika LaPean for reupholstering the chairs. And a special thanks for Tony Cilento for donating all the pictures of John Paul II. We will be finishing up the St. Teresa room pictures in the next few weeks.

~ Leif Nygaard, Director of Administration