Thanks – Parish Day of Service

I would like to share a note of THANKS to everyone who helped with the Parish Day of Service on Saturday, May 8. We had over 50 parishioners – school families, Christian Formation families, older parishioners, young parishioners, teens and even a one-year-old – working together to clean up the parish grounds! It was a beautiful day filled with laughter, conversation and relationship building.

If you have a chance, visit the old foundation and fire pit area. What was an overgrown mess is now an open space with lots of potential. Also, our volunteers worked on the garden bed in front of the rectory taking out old and planting new. We also weeded and cleaned up garden beds all around the grounds.

A special note of gratitude to Dorothy Scherer from our maintenance staff for all of her hard work in coordinating with me to create the Parish Day of Service. Dorothy’s leadership and oversight was much appreciated, both leading up to the day and on Saturday morning.

May God bless all of you for your service to his church!

~ KC Kranich Director of Youth Outreach