Uganda in lockdown – please pray for our twin parish

This is the time of year we join together in a novena for our brothers and sisters at St. Paul’s in Mukono, Uganda. This year let’s focus our prayer on their critical needs during the coronavirus pandemic. Watch this adorable video from some Ugandan scouts to tell people what they need to do to stay safe!

Please join us in this prayer beginning May 25 every day leading up to June 3 – the feast day of the Ugandan Martyrs. What a beautiful opportunity, as the body of Christ, to ask the intercession of these special saints to answer their prayers. Thank you!

O Lord Jesus Christ, who wonderfully strengthened the Holy Martyrs of Uganda St. Charles Lwanga, and their companions; and gave them to us as examples of faith and fortitude, chastity, charity, and fidelity; grant, we beseech Thee, that by their intercession, the same virtues may increase in us and in our brothers and sisters in Mukono, Uganda and that we may deserve to become propagators of the true faith. Please help our Ugandan friends as they face the coronavirus and its effects with courage and steadfast faith. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns in the world without end. Amen.

Update on coronavirus in Uganda:

Uganda implemented a quarantine early in the pandemic. While they have no reported deaths, the country is in full lockdown, which brings dire economic difficulties due to lack of work and food supply.

Uganda has had to fight pandemics before and has a tested, rigorous procedure in place. Their official count is 248 cases and 0 deaths. About a quarter of those patients have recovered. Many of the cases have been found among truck drivers delivering goods from other countries. Fr. Paul and his fellow priests celebrate Mass in an empty church. The quarantine is fairly strict and will likely last six more weeks.

The problems involve the availability and distribution of food. Food prices have actually gone down. But because of the lockdown, getting food to those who would purchase it is a huge challenge. In addition, the inability to get to jobs is upsetting household budgets in a country where there are few, if any, official safety nets. St. Paul Mukono has been distributing food purchased with collections from parishioners. The food is going to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Thank you for your prayers!