What is Catechesis of the Good Shepherd?     

St. Francis Borgia is in the process of building its first Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) “atrium” which will launch in the Fall for children ages 3 to Kindergarten, and we invite you to register your children!

Three years old is the best time for your child to fall in love with Jesus, so it is exactly the right time to begin!

What is CGS?

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a beautiful approach to the faith formation of children which has been used for over 60 years across several continents with many demographics – including Mother Teresa’s sisters in their personal formation and work with the poor children they serve across the world! The catechists are highly trained and often have fallen in love anew with Jesus Christ and the Church through the training.

What is an “atrium”?

The atrium is the sacred prepared environment (room) that helps the relationship between God and the child flourish. It is a place for religious life, for community and worship – not a classroom for instruction. It can be compared to a retreat house which facilitates recollection and silence. It is a place of meaningful work through which the child can have a conversation with God (from www.cgsusa.org). (Our atrium is in what was once classroom D in the church hall.) Everything in the atrium nourishes the religious potential of the child – from “practical life” work to Scripture materials and materials on the Holy Eucharist and Baptism.

How can we participate?

Registration for this beautiful approach to the religious formation of our children ages 3 through kindergarten is now open for parishioners and will open on Sunday, June 20 for non-parishioners.

For further information, please email Catie Weasler, Director of Child Ministry or call her at 262-377-1070, ext. 328.