Business Office Staff

Interim Director of Administrative Services
Andy Quackenboss
262-377-1070 Ext.339
Parish Accountant
Jennifer Justman (bio)
262-377-1070 Ext. 337  Send e-mail to Accountant
Assistant to Pastor / Weddings
Teri Schnuck (bio)
262-377-1070 Ext. 329 Send e-mail to Assistant to Pastor / Weddings
Bulletin Editor
Julie Larrivee (bio)
262-377-1070 Ext. 327 Send e-mail to Bulletin Editor
Receptionist / Baptisms
Katie Stafford (bio)
262-377-1070 Ext. 321 Send e-mail to Parish Office
Administrative Assistant HR/Benefits
Kristin Jacoby (bio)
262-377-1070 Ext. 352 Send e-mail to Administrative Assistant HR/Benefits


Christian Formation Staff

Director of Child Ministry (3K-Grade 5)
Child Ministry Assistant
Gerilynn Mikkelson (bio)
262-377-1070, Ext. 343 Send e-mail to Office of Child Ministry
Director of Youth Ministry
(Grades 6-11)
Youth Minister
KC Kranich (bio)
262-377-1070, Ext. 351 Send e-mail to Youth Minister
Youth Ministry Assistant
Becky Kuss (bio)
262-377-1070, Ext. 349 Send e-mail to Office of Youth Ministry
Director of Discipleship and Apostolate


Funerals and Cemetery Staff

Initial Funeral Planning
Parish Office
Cemetery Coordinator
Brian Willbrandt (bio)
262-377-1070 Ext. 333 Send e-mail to Cemetery Coordinator


Other Parish Staff

Director of Liturgical Music
Susan DeMarco (bio)
262-377-1070 Ext. 324 Send e-mail to Director of Liturgical Music
Music and Ministry Assistant
Karen Baehler (bio)
Stewardship Office
Julie Larrivee (bio)
262-377-1070 Ext. 327 Send e-mail to Stewardship Office
Safe Environment Coordinator
Kristin Jacoby (bio)
262-377-1070 Ext. 352 Send e-mail to Safe Environment Coordinator
Maintenance Supervisor
Jim Schreiber (bio)


School Office

Saint Francis Borgia School Principal
Kelly Swietlik (bio)

Send e-mail to School Principal

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