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In confirmation, one receives the empowerment, grace, or gift of the Holy Spirit. This sacrament does many things: it perfects baptismal grace, imparts the Holy Spirit, roots us more deeply in a divine bond, strengthens our membership in the Church, helps us to bear witness to our faith, and imprints a mark or character on the soul. The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit received in confirmation are wisdom, understanding, knowledge, fortitude (courage), counsel (right judgment), piety (reverence), and fear of the Lord (wonder and awe).

Youth Confirmation

The sacrament of confirmation is ordinarily celebrated when students are juniors in high school. Preparation includes high school religious education classes, community service, and a confirmation retreat. Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation and, as such, is usually celebrated during the Easter Season. For more information, see the Youth Confirmation page.

Adult Confirmation

Baptized Adults

For a variety of reasons, many baptized adults (who may or may not have made their First Reconciliation and First Communion) have never been confirmed. Convenient individual and small group confirmation preparation sessions are offered year-round at the parish. See the Adult Confirmation page for more information.

Unbaptized Adults

For unbaptized adults, confirmation is part of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). For more information, see the Becoming a Catholic (RCIA) page.

For more information about Confirmation at St. Francis Borgia, please contact the Parish Office at (262) 377-1070 or email the parish office.